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Since its inception in 2016, the Ghana Climate Innovation Centre (GCIC) has built local institutional capacity to establish the Centre as the leading business incubator in providing support for Ghanaian entrepreneurs & start-ups involved in developing profitable & locally appropriate solutions to climate change mitigation & adaptation.

Over this period, GCIC has acted as a catalyst to the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Ghana and supported more than 80 green businesses to achieve significant socio-economic and environmental benefits including job creation, sequestering more than 1,100MT of CO2 emissions, supporting entrepreneurs to raise more than US$1.79m in early and growth stage financing, and catalyzing more than US$1.63m in revenues.

This is significant in an economy which hitherto had no climate focused entrepreneurship initiative.

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Over a three-week period, Incubating Innovation (GCIC’s flagship annual thought leadership event) will lead a conversation around the pivotal role of sustainable entrepreneurship in building resilient economies that shape a sustainable, green future. This conversation will be built around the 3 pillars of Partnership, Inspiring Stories and Community Engagement.

The conversations will be led by GCIC and a network of partners including multilateral agencies (DANIDA, the DUTCH Embassy, CIDA, DFID, World Bank), venture capitalists, entrepreneurship hubs, among others – each bringing to the fore their role in developing Ghana’s entrepreneurial eco-system. Also, the conversations will be used as a platform for highlighting successful green entrepreneurship stories in Ghana. These stories will serve as case studies for what works and what does not work and provide learning opportunities towards ingraining green entrepreneurship for resilient economies.

Finally, Incubating Innovation 2020 will seek broad engagement by leveraging the media community and focused PR to amplify the conversations and establish the importance of Innovation for Our Future in the minds of the general public and policy makers.


The theme of Incubating Innovation 2020 is “Innovation for Our Future”. This reflects the need for innovation and entrepreneurship to focus on sustainability and highlights the role of organisations such as GCIC in catalysing the kind of entrepreneurship that grows the economy while securing the world for future generations.

Structure of The Programme

Incubating Innovation 2020 will take place from the 2nd to 19th March 2020. Over the period, there will be 7 events focused on bringing the theme to life. The events lined up include:

1. State of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem [Monday 2nd March 2020] – The event will launch and start Incubating Innovation 2020, highlight the key initiatives within Ghana’s entrepreneurship ecosystem and recommend ways to make the ecosystem green focused. The GCIC Investor Portal will be launched during the event, a response to one of the solutions to the access to finance challenge within the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

2. There is a Green Alternative [Thursday 5th March 2020] – A 3-part lecture to highlight the green alternatives to our current ways of treating and managing waste, powering our nation, and feeding our people.

3. Green Ghana [Saturday 7th March 2020] – Tree planting exercise together with schools and the diplomatic community in Accra to mark Ghana’s 63rd Independence Celebration.

4. Green Entrepreneurship – the Role of Women [Monday 9th March 2020] – As part of International Women’s Day celebrations, GCIC will host a forum for women entrepreneurs in our community, thought leaders and women and men in business that highlights the work, innovation and role of women in innovation, SME development and the green economy.

5. Breaking Business Barriers – Doing It Right [Wednesday 11th March 2020] – A workshop focused on breaking known barriers in the value chain of operating and scaling a business. GCIC’s Market Analytics reports will also be launched as part of the boot camp activities.

6. Youth in Innovation – Bootcamp and Green Pitch [Tuesday 17th March 2020] – A bootcamp on business pitching for 50 pre-selected youth entrepreneurs from tertiary institutions around the country.

7. Innovating for Our Future [Thursday 19th March 2020] – An invitation only thought leadership symposium that brings together policy makers, practitioners, financial institutions and thought leaders on climate change, climate innovation and best practice on building a climate-resilient economy for economic transformation as well as ecological prosperity.

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