Marigold Adu

Marigold Adu
Global Bamboo

Environmental conservation for social development has been the most rewarding experience at Global Bamboo Products Limited. This space has exposed the threat we face and the hope we can have for the future.
My degree in Pshychology certifications in finance, marketing and innovation, have afforded the opportunity to be balanced and dynamic in my approach to business. Presently my journey has shown me courage in adversity, sucess paths after failure, humilty in pride and community after a lonely walk. The green sustainable path has presented new prespectives and friendships towards nature and people to encourgage the pursuit of a better habitat. My greatest legacy would be to pass on a culture where all aspects of human existence and choice in my business and community, practice a circular module of taking and giving back to the earth, ensuring a future and better world for all.

Ghana Climate Innovation Centre
198 Osu Badu Crescent, West Airport, Accra