Cladue Convisser

Cladue Convisser
CEO, POP Diesel Africa Limited

Claude D. Convisser is the Managing Director of POP Diesel Africa Limited (Ghana) and has been the Chief Executive Officer and General Counsel of Plant Oil Powered (POP) Diesel, Inc. (USA) since 2008. He has lived in Ghana for 3 of the last 6 years organizing a large agricultural and industrial project to support 30,000 smallholder farmers to grow the jatropha tree for its fruit seed oil and food crops and to process these crops using renewable electricity generated from the biomass left-over from jatropha plant oil extraction at an industrial site central to the growing area in Yendi, Northern Region. Yendi’s nominee under the One District, One Factory Programme, POP Diesel Africa will share profits from the value addition with farmers.
POP Diesel was the first company to win U.S. EPA approval to sell plant oil as fuel to power diesel engines, in 2013. Mr. Convisser is a graduate of ASTM International’s course on Diesel Fuels: Standards and Specifications and of the Society of Automotive Engineers’ Diesel Emissions Engineering Academy. He is the primary inventor of a U.S. patent on engine controls for a multi-fuel diesel engine, one of which fuels is plant oil. He worked briefly in the Air Section of U.S. EPA’s General Counsel’s Office and served on ASTM International’s Petroleum Products Committee that sets international fuel quality standards. He is a permaculture consultant certified by the Traditional Native America Farmers Association and farmed an alfalfa-grass mix in northern New Mexico, USA, for 4 years. He is the primary author of a stronger, internationally reciprocal, and enforceable carbon tax to replace the weak Paris Climate Accord, called an America First, Comprehensive, Worldwide, Fossil Fuel Tax, posted here
He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard College and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Virginia School of Law, both with honors. He enjoys bicycling and eating a vegetarian diet out of respect for our environment.

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